No matter whether it be the medical or pharmaceuticals industries or semiconductor fabrication, many sectors are attaching increasing importance to producing and manufacturing components in a clean, particle-free environment. The primary fields of application for the Spetec clean-room workbench or mini environment are in the optical, electronic and mechanical industries. The clean-room workbench can be tailored to meet customer needs and the required clean room class. In other words, the size, features and design of the workbench are adapted as required. As a rule, the unit is made from special aluminum profiles suitable for use in clean rooms. The side walls can be made from glass or acrylic glass, or the box can be surrounded by a strip curtain. A laminar flow module is then fitted at the top, which delivers class 5 clean room conditions inside the box. This corresponds to a mere 100 0.5 µm particles. Compared with an approximate particle count of 1 million per cubic foot in a typical office or laboratory, this represents a 10,000-fold increase in air quality. The key difference compared with a Spetec Laminar Flow Box (FBS Series, table unit) lies in the fact that the size and features of the clean-room workbench can be fully tailored to the needs of the customer, for instance in respect of the choice of work surface, which is available as perforated steel, stainless steel or hard laminate. The result is a self-contained, tailored clean-room workbench.