The oxygen concentration can vary greatly during development, but it is always well below the atmospheric O2 level of 21% (Dunwoodie et al 2009). This physiological oxygen environment (estimated to be between 2% and 8%) is essential for normal development and is determined by the rate of O2 diffusion through the tissue. This act of diffusion will create microgradients that promote the differentiation of certain types of stem cells and inhibit the differentiation of others (Simon et al 2008). The strict regulation of the oxygen microenvironments will form the entire ordered multicellular organism with numerous different cell types from the starting cell, the zygote. One of the key regulating events are methylation and demethylation need to occur in an orderly fashion within each cell. Understanding these small but powerful changes and their preferred environment is the basis to understanding the entire developmental process. Please contact us for the full application note or more information

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