Dirty or offgassing components are really not ideal for clean room conditions. Nev-ertheless, there are some applications in industrial manufacturing and research and development where such scenarios are of significance: On the one hand, a clean, i.e. particle-free, environment and, on the other, dirty or offgassing compo-nents. And for such situations, Spetec has designed the Flow Box EFBS – a laminar flow box with an integrated, acid-resistant extraction unit. What is special about the EFBS is that it features an extraction unit attached to the side of the box. This is, in turn, connected to a universally adjustable telescopic arm. The tip of the telescopic arm can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy so as to ex-tract the particles or any gas emitted by the source. The component itself is bathed in filtered air. Extraction is continuously adjustable up to a maximum of 1.2 m³/min. A single Spetec Flow Box EFBS delivers an effective clean room area of between 0.37 and 1.12 m². That may not sound like much, but it is often more than enough. The Type H14 filter used in the Flow Box EFBS filters at least 99.995% of all parti-cles from the air (size: 0.12 μm, MPPS), thus improving the air quality in the airflow that is used by at least 10,000 times compared with the ambient air. ISO class 5 with no building work needed. Only high-quality materials such as acrylic glass and an-odized aluminum are used in the manufacture of the Flow Box EFBS.