How digital have you been lately? Find out at Paperless Lab Academy 2023

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9 January 2023
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Digital transformation is not easy for any organisation, regardless of the size of the project, the scale, and the skills of the team. However, all surveys published by major consultancies recently, confirm that most manufacturing companies have embarked on a transformation journey. Lab processes are not always among the first priorities, even though we at Paperless Lab Academy® can argue long and hard about the positive impact on quality, compliance, efficiency, time-to-market … that a fully digital and functional lab could bring to the business.

The Paperless Lab Academy® European Congress invites you to continue this conversation. The PLA’s unique format is primarily designed to provide you with all the information you need to be confident about how to make your projects a success. For your transformation journey we focus on talent and technology.

Which topics can you expect to discuss at this Paperless Lab Academy® 2023 Europe congress edition?

The list of topics to cover when speaking about the digitalisation of laboratory and quality processes is pretty extensive. However, at every edition we aim to design an agenda to allow the coverage of the whole digital data lifecycle

•About the future of the laboratory within the industry 4.0
•Artificial Intelligence in the GXP environment
•Automation in QC processes
•Cybersecurity Awareness
•Demystification of the Cloud-based solutions
•Mastering your data for efficient scientific data management
•How to apply the FAIR principles
•The relevance of a data transfer strategy when replacing legacy systems
•Practical sessions about Audit trails, Data Integrity, Instrument integration, Resources Management, SAAS solutions, harmonisation, Computer System validation…
•How to successfully implement laboratory system solutions at global scale
•Change Management, Talent and skills.

What makes the Paperless Lab Academy® so unique in its format?

The PLA programme consists of a combination of plenary sessions and parallel workshop sessions. In the plenary session, speakers share their experiences, lessons learned and recommendations. Others aim of sharing their expertise, educating the audience while presenting use cases. The sponsored workshops run in parallel to a maximum of three sessions, with participants free to choose which one they would like to attend. During these workshops, the premium and gold sponsors present their latest solutions and share their expertise on a specific topic.

The PLA pillars are:
1) content-rich presentations where you can hear from others about their own journey and strategy and learn from tech experts about fundamentals of certain concepts and principles
2) sponsored workshops where you can get the most from subject matter experts
3) Exhibitors and networking sessions where you can meet potential technology and expert partners.

We look forward to returning to Lake Maggiore to the wonderful Grand Hotel Dino to celebrate our 10th European Live edition.

Be prepared to boost your digital capabilities and get the most out of 2 intense and entertaining congress days.

Don’t miss this very special edition. Book your seat!

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