Cherwell Joins the AnalytiChem Group of Companies

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Last modified: 22 January 2024
Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell
Andy Whittard, Managing Director, Cherwell | Photo: Cherwell Laboratories

Cherwell, cleanroom microbiology solutions expert, is excited to announce it is joining the AnalytiChem group of companies. Cherwell will join seven other businesses within the group, located across Europe, North America and Australia.

Environmental and process monitoring

Cherwell was founded in 1971 and serves customers across the UK and internationally with a range of products and solutions focused on environmental and process monitoring within pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Cherwell will continue to operate from its location in Bicester (Oxford), UK and continue to be led by Andy Whittard, the current Managing Director.

Andy Whittard stated: “AnalytiChem shares our vision for growth, philosophy, culture, market approach and guarantees the continuity of Cherwell as a provider of ultra-high-quality products and services.

Within the AnalytiChem group, Cherwell will be able to leverage collaboration opportunities, especially with our new sister company bioTrading, alongside our focused offering of environmental and process monitoring products to the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Together with the great team at Cherwell, we look forward to the exciting next steps in the development of the company.”

Raoul Biskupek, Group CEO at AnalytiChem adds, “As AnalytiChem we are focused on highest quality capabilities for the benefit of our customer base, something Cherwell clearly demonstrates with its focused portfolio manufactured in Bicester and services provided remote as well as on-site.

With the addition of Cherwell to our group we can offer an even broader, while specialized portfolio across the geographies we are active in. This complementary offering opens exciting growth opportunities for our subsidiaries in the adjacent countries and our strong distribution partners network.”

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