Unlocking Data’s True Potential: Clinisys and SciNote Announce New Strategic Partnership

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22 March 2024
Clinisys and SciNote Announce New Strategic Partnership
Clinisys and SciNote Announce New Strategic Partnership | Photo: Clinisys

Clinisys, a global provider of intelligent laboratory information management solutions, announces a strategic partnership with SciNote, a global market leader. SciNote provides an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), with inventory, security, compliance, and team management tools, which allows for integration of laboratory and diagnostic information solutions.

Multidiscipline laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

The Clinisys Laboratory Solution is a multidiscipline laboratory information management systems (LIMS) built upon the Clinisys Platform, a shared services architecture and data model for SaaS laboratory informatics. This solution supports modern laboratories across all disciplines including healthcare, life sciences, public health, and safety.

SciNote ELN is a robust, cloud-based platform for modern research data management, which supports managing experiments, inventory, and compliance including visualized workflows, smart annotations, and well-structured API.

Through this strategic partnership, organizations can optimize lab operations, elevate data accuracy, and foster collaborative research environments. This collaboration between Clinisys and SciNote empowers researchers and lab managers to concentrate on advancing scientific pursuits while leveraging the strengths of both systems.

“We are very excited about our SciNote partnership. It allows customers to unlock the power of structured data from the LIMS and unstructured data from the ELN. This will enable a complete digital, automated qualitative and quantitative analysis to help bring research to market and for laboratory optimizations.” said Eric Dingfelder, SVP Clinisys Laboratory Solution.

“This partnership is a demonstration of what is possible when two vendors combine complementary sectors and products to better serve their customers. Together we will move closer to FAIR data standards and accelerate some of the most advanced research in the world”, said Brendan McCorkle, CEO of SciNote.

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