Data Talks, Do You Know What You Don’t Know About Your Data?

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9 January 2024
Data Talks workshop
Data Talks workshop | Photo: Centrum Bioscience en Diagnostiek - Hogeschool Leiden

For everyone interested in data management & data integrity, particularly from the Biotech and Life Sciences sectors. In English. By CIV partners Hogeschool Leiden, Biotech Training Facility and Rescop. Join us 25 January 2024

Invitation to Data Talks

Are you sometimes confronted with inconsistent and missing data? Have you ever lost track of who did what with a datafile or dataset? Do you experience problems with implementing GAMP5? Then join this informal workshop called Data Talks, focused on Data Management and Data Integrity.

During this short workshop, you will not only:

  • become aware of what you do and do not know about data, but
  • also help the organizers – Rescop, Biotech Training Facility, and Hogeschool Leiden – to identify knowledge gaps, so relevant training courses can be developed and offered at an appropriate level.

Who should take part?

Everyone interested in data management & integrity, particularly from the Biotech and Life Sciences sectors.

Date: 25 January 2024
Time: 15:30 – 17:00, with drinks afterwards
Location: Biotech Training Facility, Sylviusweg 70, Leiden

Key workshop content:

  • Short overview of data management principles and regulations.
  • Identification of common data integrity risks and challenges.
  • Provision of insight into data challenges specific to the field of Biotech and Life Sciences.
  • Playing the GxP game.

Your insights and feedback will help us shape future training programs and ensure their effectiveness in addressing your specific needs, as well as those of your colleagues in related sectors.

Please register now. It’s free and in English.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are look forward to welcoming you to Data Talks!

Why these meetings?

Based on the ambition to be an attractive innovation district, we want to collaborate more and better at the Leiden Bio Science Park and realize synergy in the field of ‘human capital’.

The CIV Bio Sciences partners take the lead by learning with and from each other (and others) how Lifelong Development (LLO) of bio sciences professionals can be deployed. We also look at the need for education and training for professionals.

The host partner determines the program for each meeting. In this way, the business community, education and government are jointly embarking on an expedition into this largely unexplored area. The CIV project ‘Ecosystem Lifelong Learning’ is part of the broader Human Capital Agenda LBSP and receives a contribution from Human Capital Akkoord Zuid-Holland. The focus is on vocational talent en training.

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