About LABinsights

Practical industry information for professionals in the laboratory market

LABinsights is the platform with practical industry information for those working in the laboratory market. As an analyst, lab manager or researcher, you will find answers to process technical questions in your daily work. Our platform offers a mix of practical, product related technical articles, backgrounds and infographics, with many clarifying images and useful videos. LABinsights connects professionals, advertisers and experts to work together to improve and keep the sector ahead.

Our technical cornerstones

  • General lab equipment
  • Lab equipment and lab construction
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Optical instrumentation
  • Life sciences and biotech
  • Robotization
  • Lab software
  • Consumables
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety features
  • Scaling technology
  • Monitoring systems


Our industries

LABinsights is the communication platform for professionals in laboratories in the following disciplines:

  • Healthcare and life sciences:¬†Hospitals, blood banks and thrombosis services, veterinary medicine, microbiology, science parks, start-ups
  • Industry: food and beverage, (petro)chemicals, quality control, water and environment, waste magement and recycling, seed improvement, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, mining and cement, steel industry
  • Public: education, university Research, forensic, research institutes, national laboratories
  • Contract research: contract research organizations, contract labs, R&D, quality Assurance, cleanrooms, calibration labs
  • Test and validation:materials research, mechanical engineering, physics labs, (electrical) engineering, construction
  • Quality assurance: certification and accreditation bodies, standards bodies, (inter)national standards committees, consultancy firms


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