BSK Labs analyseert duizenden monsters per jaar. Een besparing van meer dan $ 25.000 per jaar door geautomatiseerde inline ultrafiltratie zal iedereen moeten aanspreken. Lees in de white paper hoe de besparingen zijn gerealiseerd. De whitepaper is in het Engels. Intro: Brad Meadows is Vice President and Lab Director at the US company BSK Labs, which runs a number of environmental laboratories and service centers. Brad is an analytical chemist and has been working in analytical lab management for 15 years. He shared his experiences with Metrohm ion chromatography with us in the form of concrete facts and figures. BSK Labs runs a number of environmental laboratories and service centers along the west coast of the US. A total of 70 employees - including microbiologists, chemists, lab technicians, and support staff - make sure that the 200 to 350 samples that come in every week are analyzed. BSK Labs specializes in potable water chemistry, ground water monitoring, storm water runoff, solid waste characterization, and wastewater discharge compliance. The company’s portfolio is rounded off with services including project consultation, sample collection, and small public water system operation and management.

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