Today an automated laboratory has the need for an instant overview at any time and reliable software solutions. Lab Services has released the new redesigned & developed PlateButler® software; a unique and sophisticated solution for laboratory automation, to integrate microplate modules and robots. In a recognisable design it’s easy to use software with many benefits compared to standard software solutions. The compatibility to all relevant Windows systems makes PlateButler® software versatile. The software is compatible with all brands and makes of instruments. Key features: • Dashboard view to see the system’s status at a quick glance • Easy programming through plate path by drag ‘n drop principle • Throughput calculation from sequence programming • Real-Time Dynamic Scheduler • Automated Runtime calculation with self-learning access times • Compatible to all Windows versions • Multiple robot systems control on just one PC • Modular architecture • Access level security • Control of all devices from the main application • Integrated checklist wizard when starting assay • Clear overview of the device status • Integrated simulation module to time and check the assay • Self-adapting sequences based on the time limiting system component. • Proven to be extreme reliable • High versatility; Compatible with all brands or makes of instruments • Easy to interface towards bidirectional communication with external networks, databases and LIMS The PlateButler® Manager Graphical User Interface has been greatly improved. Feedback from day-to-day end users is taken into account in the development and design route of our PlateButler® software. The new PlateButler® software is a fun and easy to use tool in your work process. The software enables the user to create or start an assay with as little work as possible. The development of new features gives a more user friendly interface including: • Modern Drag ‘n drop interface • Touch-screen compatible • Quick and easy to learn • Less buttons, more functionality • Intelligent software, automatic choice of robot and removal of lids • Advanced Gantt diagram The new PlateButler® Manager Graphical User Interface is developed without compromising the technical capabilities and designed to support future technical improvements and user requests. By using the client-server principle a multi instrument system can be setup in a distributed environment. Also there are no restrictions on brands or makes of these instruments. The main application acts as the server. The instruments are controlled by its clients. The user can control all devices from the main application. However the clients can also be accessed separately, if desired. This creates maximum flexibility and full control of your system. The system is also able to work and communicate with local environments.