A new chapter in an ongoing success story: over 20 years after the Multitron was first introduced on the market, Infors HT now presents its redesigned incubation shaker. The new Multitron offers researchers even better conditions for cultivating microorganisms, cell cultures and phototropic organisms. It delivers unsurpassed capacity on a minimal footprint with easy operation. The Multitron meets the stringent requirements of cell-culture applications and satisfies the increasing efficiency demands of the biotech industry. The capacity-to-footprint ratio is unlike any other: by using a three stack, researchers can cultivate over 60 liters or 23,000 batches in parallel, with a base of only 1 m wide. The top unit remains at a comfortable working height of 1.40 m. • The new door mechanism and quick automated start-stop feature keep interruptions in the cultivation process to a minimum • The new temperature-control concept allows users to achieve optimum, gradient-free temperature uniformity, guaranteeing comparable growth conditions across all batches. • The hygienic design of the new Multitron has been improved; rounded interior corners and a chamber with fewer components, making it far easier to clean • A new UV decontamination feature • A condensate-free direct-steam humidification By combining our bioprocess expertise with new technologies, the new Multitron is a response to trends and to new demands in research and development, including digitalization. The new design comes with an Ethernet interface that can be used for connecting to our bioprocess software platform eve® , which communicates with your Scada system.

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