Norcross, GA – June 6, 2019- Micromeritics Instrument Corporation today announced it has awarded the University of Hamburg one of its 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzers which is one of the most advanced physisorption instruments in the market. The 3Flex will benefit Prof. Dr. Michael Fröba’s group at the Institute of Inorganic and Applied Chemistry which is well-known for research in materials science with a strong focus on nanoporous materials and their usage in energy storage applications and the investigation of confinement effects. Micromeritics President, Preston Hendrix, said the award was granted specifically in recognition of the “valuable research contributions to material development and characterization” by the University’s Institute of Inorganic and Applied Chemistry under the direction of renowned Prof. Dr. Fröba. “We are confident the 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer will be a valuable asset to the Department’s research group and will provide significant and new insights for the understanding of new nanoporous materials for energy storage,” said Hendrix. “The instrument will enable the Institute to do high-resolution scanning isotherms a relatively new topic that Prof. Fröba has expressed great interest in.” Being an expert in the field of storing renewable energies, Prof. Fröba expects the 3Flex to help getting a better understanding of confinement effects in nanopores and their impact on the properties of guest compounds in the gaseous, liquid or solid state as the advanced design of the 3Flex allows to acquire high-resolution isotherms and starts in the 10-6 torr range (10-9 relative pressure range for N2). “Particularly high-quality measurements and interpretation of gas physisorption data as well as understanding the properties of nanoconfined water, aqueous salt solutions and solvent mixtures play an important role in our research”, Prof. Fröba explains. “The demand for highly accurate measurements has increased in the past years, even more though since hysteresis scanning measurements open up a much more detailed understanding of the various synthesized pore systems. Here, the 3Flex Analyzer offers great potential for our scientific questions in the future.” The instrument comes with a Micromeritics Vapor Sorption option, which allows Prof. Fröba to also run water vapor experiments. It also includes the standard instrument warranty and application methods development support.