Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing Service to Drive Scientific Breakthroughs

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Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing Service
Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing Service | Photo: CD Genomics

CD Genomics, a leading provider of genomics services based in the United States, has recently unveiled its state-of-the-art Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing service, providing researchers with a groundbreaking tool for genomic investigations. This innovative service utilizes highly precise sequencing technology to unveil the DNA methylation patterns within individual cells, offering significant advancements and opportunities in the fields of biology and medicine.

DNA methylation is a common epigenetic modification that plays a pivotal role in gene expression and cellular differentiation. However, conventional research methods have relied on sequencing data from large cell populations, failing to capture the methylation status of individual cells. CD Genomics’ Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing service, on the other hand, combines advanced single-cell sorting techniques with high-throughput sequencing technology, enabling high-resolution detection and analysis of DNA methylation patterns within single cells.

The workflow of this service is streamlined and efficient. Firstly, target cells are isolated from samples using single-cell sorting techniques and allocated into individual reaction units. Next, high-quality whole-genome DNA sequencing is performed on the target cells using high-throughput sequencing technology, generating accurate sequencing data. Subsequently, advanced bioinformatics analysis methods are employed to identify and quantify methylation sites from the sequencing data.

The Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing service from CD Genomics offers several advantages. Firstly, it unveils the heterogeneity of DNA methylation within individual cells, enabling researchers to gain deeper insights into cellular diversity and regulatory mechanisms. Secondly, by analyzing single cells, the service avoids the issue of averaging cellular heterogeneity that exists in traditional population sequencing approaches, thus enhancing the accuracy and reliability of research findings. Additionally, CD Genomics’ sequencing technology boasts high precision and throughput, catering to a wide range of research needs.

“We are thrilled to launch the Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing service, which will empower researchers with a powerful tool to delve further into the intricacies and diversity of the cellular genome,” stated a spokesperson from CD Genomics. “We firmly believe that this service will revolutionize fields such as biological research, cancer research, and neuroscience by providing unprecedented insights into gene regulation and cellular dynamics.”

CD Genomics is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting-edge genomic research technologies. In addition to the Single-cell Sequencing service, the company offers a comprehensive range of genomics services, including DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, microbiome analysis, and more.

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