Reversed Phase Chromatography Resins for Biological Analysis

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Polymer reversed-phase resins have significant advantages in alkali resistance, longer product life and the ability to avoid tailing of basic compounds, so they complement reversed-phase silica gel chromatography in terms of separation performance and solvent compatibility. CD Bioparticles is an industry leader in the large-scale production of reversed-phase resins based on monodisperse porous spherical silica using advanced surface bonding and end-capping technology.

These reversed-phase chromatography resins contain C4, C8, C18, phenyl, and other functional groups according to the different surface modification forms. Depending on the matrix and properties, CD Bioparticles offers different types of reversed-phase resins, such as PS/DVB, PMMA, and PS/PMMA, to meet the requirements of reversed-phase chromatography analysis, and preparative separation and purification. In addition, CD Bioparticles can also provide customized products for special applications.

For example, the DiagNano™ Ester Porous PMMA Particles, 40 µm (Cat# PPA-01), are monodisperse, porous PMMA microparticles used for reversed-phase chromatography with high loading capacity. These microparticles with ester as terminal groups are stable in pH 1-14. Meanwhile, 500 Å pore size or other pore sizes are available upon request.

Another example is the DiagNano™ Phenyl Porous PS/DVB Particles, 40 µm (Cat# PPD-07), which are monodisperse, porous polystyrene/divinyl benzene microparticles used for reversed-phase chromatography with strong mechanical strength, high pressure resistant and high loading capacity. These microparticles contain hydrophobic surfaces with phenyl terminal groups. These porous PS/DVB particles are available with pore sizes of 300 Å, 500 Å, and 1000 Å, and other pore sizes are also supported upon request, stable in pH 1-14.

Reversed-phase chromatography resins from CD Bioparticles are suitable for a variety of fields, including laboratory analysis and biopharmaceutical, chemical medicine, and food and beverage. Researchers can utilize these resins for the analysis of breviscapine, teicoplanin, dalbavancin, vancomycin, polymyxin B, etc., as well as the analysis and separation of small molecule drugs, amino acids, PTC-amino acids, vitamins, polypeptides, etc.

CD Bioparticles also offers the world’s largest selection of monodisperse polymeric chromatography packing materials, from sub-micron UPLC packing and HPLC packing to medium and low-pressure FPLC packing. These materials have been widely used in laboratory analysis, biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, and other fields.

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