Profacgen Updated Its Bio-Layer Interferometry Service Globally

26 April 2022
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Profacgen, a leading supplier of perfect protein and custom services, recently updated its Bio-Layer Interferometry service, enabling scientists with easier access to the study of protein-protein interactions.

The BLI biosensor platform is a label-free detection system for molecular interaction analysis based on the principle of optical interference developed by ForteBio. In this system, the interaction occurs at the very tip of the glass fiber-based BLI biosensor. White light travels along the glass fiber and is reflected back from two interfaces at the tip: the internal interface and the external interface. When molecules are bound to the biosensor surface, changes in the thickness of the immobilized protein outer layer can lead to changes in the interference pattern. The pattern can be plotted as nanometer-shifts of relative intensity versus wavelength that can be recorded in real time with high accuracy.

Over the past years, Profacgen has provided a comprehensive list of services for the study of protein-protein interactions, of which the Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI) analysis is commonly used by our customers for the quantitative and qualitative characterization of biomolecule interactions and other applications. To meet the diversified needs of its customers, Profacgen recently updated the service and now it can be utilized for Protein quantitation in the analyte, Binding specificity and cooperativity determination and Affinity and Kinetics analysis (measurement of reaction rate constants (kobs, ka, kd) and binding affinity constant (KD)).

“With the best price in the market, short turn-around time, consistent analysis results, and highly experienced team, we are surely to satisfy our customers with this newly updated service.

The company now provides label-free and real-time BLI analysis of a wide range of interacting molecules. The analysis system also supports high throughput protein characterization and screening. And the service can be customized according to specific requirements.

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