The market demand for certified reference materials and standards has increased in the past decade. While conducting research on pharmaceuticals, diagnostic biomarkers, and illicit drugs that are of abuse, researchers may need a series of reference materials such as their standards, metabolites, impurities, and degradants in a wide variety of chromatographic and mass spectrometry-based testing scenarios. The diverse pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards can be widely applied for a string of purposes, to name just a few here: clinical toxicology testing, forensic analysis, pharmaceutical testing and research, clinical diagnostic testing, cannabis profiling and potency determination, anti-doping testing in sports as well as pain prescription monitoring. The pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & alcohol standards covers: Additional Drugs Amphetamines/Stimulants Standards Anesthetics Standards Antiasthmatic Drug Standards Anticonvulsants/Antiepileptics Standards Antidepressants Standards Antifungals Standards Antihistamines Standards Barbiturate Standards Benzodiazepines Standards Cannabinoids Standards Cardiac Drug Standards Cocaine Analogs Standards Hallucinogens Standards Immunosuppressants Nicotine/Tobacco Standards Nonbenzodiazepines Drug Standards Opiates/Synthetic Analgesic Drug Standards P451 Metabolite Standards Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Drug Standards Sleep Aid Drug Standards Stomach Acid Inhibitor Standards For forensic and clinical laboratories, having a stable supply of high-quality certified reference materials is of significant importance to them if they want to analyze illegal drug substances, alcohol or pharmaceuticals in a fast manner and at the same time get the most accurate results. Below are some of these standards provided by Alfa Chemistry: Lanoconazole (101530-10-3), Acetaminophen (103-90-2), Omeprazole sulfide 5-carboxylic acid (103877-00-5), Meticrane (1084-65-7), Triflupromazine hydrochloride (1098-60-8), Clenproperol-d7 (1173021-09-4), Oxethazaine (126-27-2), Clioquinol (130-26-7), Desomorphine-D3 solution (1354573-64-0), Voriconazole (137234-62-9), 5-Hydroxyomeprazole (92340-57-3), etc. Alfa Chemistry never stops its efforts in product upgrading and optimization and via years of hardwork, the company has grown to be the best choice for the purchase of analytical chemistry reagents. Its product covers analytical reagents, analytical standards, chromatography standards, derivatization reagents, instrumental analytical reagents, ion sensor materials, laboratory supplies, LPLC/TLC/paper chromatography and titration. As always, the company is fully supportive to scientists and researchers in their R&D explorations.

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