Food & Beverage Standards as GC Reagents and Reference Materials

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As one of the most popular suppliers of analytical reagents, Alfa Chemistry recently expanded its portfolio by introducing food & beverage standards, which is a strategy to adapt to the growing trend for safer eating and drinking. These high quality reference materials can be used in the testing of food, beverage and cannabis.

For consumers, food safety is of top concern and this factor has become the first measurement in their purchasing decisions. Therefore, for food manufacturers, they must guarantee their products are safe for consumption. A wide range of analysis should be carried out in compliance with relevant regulations for several purposes: first, to understand the physical and chemical properties; second, to investigate if there are any toxins, pesticides or drug residues in the food and beverage products.

“When conducting analytical testing, standards and reagents are commonly used by laboratory technicians to make analytical instrumentation achieve optimal performance,” says one senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry. “With a unique commitment to the food industry, we offer these high-purity standards to laboratories to optimize their analytical capabilities. And their success will further help manufacturers meet all legal regulations throughout food or beverage manufacturing.”

The food & beverage standards provided by Alfa Chemistry allow complex food and beverage samples to be tested consistently and routinely. Some of them are listed below:

N-acetylneuraminic acid (CAS 131-48-6), 2-chloro-2-deoxy-d-glucose (CAS 14685-79-1), d-(+)-raffinose pentahydrate (CAS 17629-30-0), d-(+)-cellobiose (CAS 528-50-7), verbascose (CAS 546-62-3), acarbose (CAS 56180-94-0),dextran from leuconostoc mesenteroides (CAS 9004-54-0),d-(+)-gluconic acid δ-lactone (CAS 90-80-2 ), lactulose standard for IC, glucosamine standard for IC, and more.

As always, Alfa Chemistry is at the forefront of technical innovation, strictly follows the regulatory compliance, and strives to provide the best quality chromatography reagents and standards for customers worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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Fully aware of the challenges facing analytical testing today, Alfa Chemistry is committed to supplying a wide range of reliable, high-purity reagents and standards for both manufacturers and analytical testing laboratories worldwide. Up till now, a full range of certified reference material for chromatography are available at Alfa Chemistry, including clinical standards, colors, column & instrument performance test mixes, environmental standards, food & beverage standards, forensic and veterinary standards, life sciences standards, and pharmaceutical standards. Meanwhile, equipped with experience and expertise, the company strives to be an innovator, constantly optimizing its product lines to maximize its role in the analytical science community.

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