Creative Biostructure, a forward-looking research company as well as custom service provider in the field of microscopy technology, recently launched an iEM platform to provide customers high-resolution imaging of the surface of mammalian cells and tissues. In biological research and pathology, ultrastructural analysis of cells and tissues is crucial. An effective tool for examining the morphology of cells and tissues is electron microscopy (EM). EM is an imaging method that produces high-resolution images of specimens by illuminating them with a beam of accelerated electrons. These images, which were obtained using EM and AFM, offer a strong foundation for numerous studies and help to achieve the desired outcomes. With tedious work of the scientist team at Creative Biostructure, the company introduced the iEM Platform, an integrated platform for electron microscopy (EM) and other microscopy technologies, including confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and related hardware and software. Service offerings at Creative Biostructure mainly include: Brain cell imaging Neuron imaging, Glial cell imaging Adipocyte imaging Imaging of various adipocytes within their native microenvironment, including white adipocytes, beige adipocytes, and brown adipocytes Stem cell imaging Characterization of purity and cell location, cellular function, and the differentiation state of stem cells Bone tissue imaging Characterization of exact bone disease phenotypes, investigation of the interaction between bone and implant devices, etc. Sperm imaging Evaluate sperm morphology, Sperm characterization for basic research, and Identify morphological sperm defects Muscle tissue imaging Routine EM for muscle tissue research, Cryo-ET for muscle tissue research Blood cell imaging Red blood cell imaging, White blood cell imaging, Platelet imaging … “We are able to offer important details on the structural underpinnings of cell and tissue function as well as the interaction between the cells and their environment thanks to specialized equipment and skilled technical staff.” Said Joanna, the chief marketing staff Creative Biostructure. To know more detailed information about iEM platform supported cell & tissue morphology service provided by Creative Biostructure, please visit our website.