Expediting Alzheimer’s Disease Research

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Last modified: 11 September 2023
Expediting Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Expediting Alzheimer’s Disease Research | Photo: Amerigo Scientific

Amerigo Scientific releases FSB solution products to further expedite Alzheimer’s Disease research. Amerigo Scientific is a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities.

Localized amyloidosis disease

The analysis of cells plays a crucial role in comprehending the functioning of genes and proteins, as well as the regulatory mechanisms that govern these functions. Alzheimer’s disease has been a hot topic in life science research. It is one of the localized amyloidosis diseases that involve an abnormal protein called amyloid that has a β sheet structure, aggregates in fibers, and is deposited on the outside of internal organs and systems, inhibiting the function of those organs and systems.

Excitingly, the dye 1-bromo-2, 5-bis (3-carboxyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) benzene (BSB) was found to detect amyloid because of its high affinity for the amyloid beta peptide (Aβ) associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Highly sensitive amyloid protein staining

Research has shown that BSB stains various systemic amyloidosis (AA, AL, ATTR, Ascr, β 2M) with greater sensitivity than the commonly used dye Congo Red for β-sheet staining. The fluorescence intensity of BSB is twice that of Congo Red. In addition, BSB is not only a staining dye but also has the ability to block the formation of amyloid precursor protein TTR in FAP. The newly developed FSB can also be used for highly sensitive amyloid protein staining.

This is due to the bromine in BSB being replaced by fluorine, which leads to fluorescence quenching caused by the heavy electron effects of bromine. From staining results of brain tissue from Alzheimer’s disease patients and heart tissue from AL amyloidosis patients, it is evident that FSB is more effective in detecting amyloid protein deposits than BSB.

Easy-to-use protocols

To help accelerate the research of Alzheimer’s disease to a new level, Amerigo Scientific provides FSB solution products with easy-to-use protocols for modern laboratories and research facilities that require reliable and high-quality cellular function analysis. Amerigo Scientific is confident that it will provide customers with a reliable solution for Alzheimer’s Disease research.

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Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities. Although a new company, Amerigo Scientific`s founder has had... Read more