CD ComputaBio Boosts Your Disease Research with Computational Proteomics Service

Last modified: 26 July 2022

CD ComputaBio, a reliable computational biology service provider in New York, is always committed to research and trials in order to provide customers with access to the latest software, technologies, and expertise at a competitive price and fast turnaround time. CD ComputaBio offers dedicated computational proteomics service generating datasets with the required quality for ML/AI analysis, both alone and in combination with other omics, to identify the key hallmarks of diseases, thus advancing the discovery of new therapeutics, diagnostics, and personalized treatments.

Proteomic data is highly complex and requires powerful but controllable analytical tools for processing and analysis. In drug discovery, most drug targets are families of proteins, but genomes rarely predict changes in form, abundance, or function. Meanwhile, combining proteomics with other omics datasets may lead to better early diagnosis and discovery of personalized treatment.

Over the past decade, the proliferation of large genomic datasets generated has triggered the development of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) businesses to mine them. This is often combined with clinical information to obtain actionable biology. Such approaches are effective at the operational level, but outputs remain mostly intangible due to the low predictability of static genomes in most disease settings, as well as the reliance on public datasets that vary widely in quality and lack cross-study balance. While the generation of proteomic datasets of the same order has historically been hampered by technical and sample-related issues, modern methods, particularly those employing the higher complexity TMTpro reagent, enable reliable quantitative analysis of hundreds of thousands of protein isoforms in large cohorts.

“Computational proteomics is data science that involves the identification and quantification of proteins from large amounts of data and the biological interpretation of their concentration changes, post-translational modifications, interactions, and subcellular localization. Computational proteomics is a highly multidisciplinary endeavor that attracts scientists from many fields and combines other disciplines such as statistics, machine learning, efficient scientific programming, and network and time series analysis. We offer comprehensive computational proteomics services, including network biology and cross-omics data analysis,” commented the project manager of CD ComputaBio.

The range of computational method available at CD ComputaBio covers:
 Identification and quantification of peptides, proteins, and PTMs
 Downstream data analysis
 Posttranslational modification analysis
 Network analysis
 Machine learning
 Multiomics data integration

“Our commitment to continuous investment in R&D has led to the breakthrough technologies and services we introduce today. Unprecedented improvements in speed and accuracy will revolutionize how our customers can do their work to advance life science research,” he added.

About CD ComputaBio
With years of experience, CD ComputaBio can provide customers with professional computational biology services. Utilizing rich experience and powerful technology in computational science, the company can support customers with comprehensive computational biology analysis services such as molecular dynamics simulation, drug design, virtual screening, quantum chemical calculations, etc.

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