Analytical Testing for Toys, Semiconductor Materials, and Plastic Films

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1 February 2023
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Material testing is a way to examine the exact chemical composition of samples, which has become increasingly important and often serves as a strategy for failure identification while in use. Alfa Chemistry, a chemical product and service provider, has been conducting analytical testing for various materials utilizing its advanced research laboratory. Earlier this month, the company finally revealed its competence in the testing of toys, semiconductor materials, and plastic films.

“We use a variety of test methods to inspect the material behaviors and characteristics of standard specimens under different mechanical and thermal conditions. We accept both finished products or parts and components as testing samples,” the technical expert from Alfa Chemistry said.

Toy Testing
It is universally admitted that unqualified toys would pose a huge hidden danger to users. Therefore, toy testing has become a necessary step for manufacturers to protect the health and safety of children and related users. The Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab can provide cost-effective analytical testing services for clients concerned with learning about the composition of toys, such as puzzles, tangrams, Rubik’s cubes, story books, sketchpads, microscopes, kaleidoscopes, specimens, clay, beading, building blocks, etc. Generally, a toy testing project will cover physical and mechanical testing, performance testing, sharp corners and edges testing, widget testing, humidity testing of wooden toys, combustion testing, and more.

Semiconductor Materials Testing
Semiconductor materials are the cornerstones of industries, massively utilized in applications such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, and solar energies. The electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of semiconductors will significantly influence the performance and quality of devices. Hence, it is also of paramount importance to analyze and test the performance and structure of semiconductor consisted materials. A full-range semiconductor materials testing ( project would cover the following areas: resistivity testing, extension resistance testing, minority carrier lifetime testing, minority carrier diffusion length testing, hall effect testing, infrared spectrum testing, energy level transient spectrum testing, positron annihilation spectroscopy testing, photofluorescence spectrum testing, ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum testing, electron beam induced current testing, I-V and C-V testing, etc.

Plastic Film Testing
Plastic films have been widely used in applications such as food packaging, bringing great convenience to everyday life. It is common to see plastic film for beverage packaging, frozen packaging, cooking food packaging, and fast food packaging. T,C&A Lab, another testing branch of Alfa Chemistry, employs highly technical skills and advanced equipment to conduct comprehensive plastic film analysis and testing services. Plastic films, including but not limited to: PVA coated high barrier film, biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP), low density polyethylene film (LDPE), polyester film (PET), nylon film (PA), cast polypropylene film (CPP), and aluminum plating film, are within the testing range. In the end, a detailed and reliable plastic film testing report will be provided to clients.

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As an active player in the analytical industry, Alfa Chemistry can provide resources and services to support both individuals and companies concerning quality assurance for a wide range of products. Moreover, its testing portfolio is constantly upgraded to accommodate research and manufacturing goals for industries and fields.

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