State-of-the-Art Technology in the smallest casing eTOC is the first TOC analyzer in the world to use a powerful, mercury-free excimer lamp. Combined with Shimadzu’s new “Active-Path” technology, eTOC achieves high measurement performance in a compact, environmentally friendly package. Easy-to-use and maintain design improves efficiency  A smart user interface utilizing a large touch panel provides exceptional visibility and operability. The efficient system architecture is typically maintenance-free for a year. Certified standard solutions and a vial sampler allow on-site calibration and qualification. Reliability to support regulations  eTOC’s highly sensitive UV oxidation-conductivity method for ultra-pure water monitoring, is compliant with regional pharmacopoeia requirements, such as the USP and EP. Inbuilt security functions support FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Compact, clean and high-performance TOC analysis The first TOC analyzer in the world to use a mercury-free excimer lamp "Active-Path” flow architecture maximizes UV-irradiation of the sample Large colour touch panel on a small and lightweight casing

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