DNA/Rna extraction - TAN Bead : DNA/RNA extraction instruments and consummables. The Maelstrom 9600 is an automated nucleic acid platform designed for high-throughput applications: up to 96 samples/run. Specialized spin tips enable efficient mixing of magnetic beads with a larger processing volume. With an intuitive user interface and flexible programming, Maelstrom 9600 can boost laboratory productivity by transforming routine operations into a walk-away solution. Contact our experts at Maelstrom 8-channel Handler, the world`s first portable magnetic beads DNA/RNA extraction device. It is designed for small to medium quantity of samples per day. The intuitive user interface and simple operation can help you accomplish various applications of magnetic beads. Further, combination with automated stand provides a walk-away solution for nucleic acid extraction. Contact our experts at RT-Pcr detection - KogeneBiotech 2019-nCoV Real-time PCR detection kit & Instruments The KogeneBiotech PowerChek™ 2019-nCoV Real-time PCR kit was the first validated kit on the market, outside China, early February. Kogene’s PowerChek kit identifies 2 genes (E gene for Beta CoV and RdRp gene for COVID-19 specifically) and excludes genes that cause diagnostic errors due to genetic mutation. This CE-IVD kit is optimized for use in any RT-PCR instruments commonly available in diagnostic labs. The kit is based on the WHO & CDC reference method. Contact our experts at to find out when these tests will be delivered to your lab.

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