We are all eager to return to normal life and enter real event venues rather than virtual rooms, don’t we? Well, we promise you we’ll do so in a safe way. Think big, go small[er]! Face-to-face interaction with no danger is what we aim at for the 9th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy: strict respect of the recommendations of national guidelines regarding the COVID-19, bigger meeting rooms, less seats available, to guarantee a two-days congress in complete safety. A more intimate approach will enable talking opportunities and encourage audience engagement, hence, book your spot and make sure you can enjoy live discussions about digital data management at #PLA2022 Europe. Keynote Presentations: The plenary session is composed of presentations from digital transformation project leaders, final users, though leaders of the industry, matter experts keynote speakers from the industry sharing their experience and project status. We are articulating an agenda to ease active and interactive discussions. Product Deep Dive Workshops: Our premium and gold sponsors offer one hour open session about their latest industry news. As subject matter experts, they bring their latest solution (product and/or services) and share with you their expertise and knowledge to support your specific needs Networking with the Experts: The Paperless Lab Academy brings multiple solution providers in the exhibition hall, and offers you a good understanding of today and future tendencies. An excellent combination of well known international providers of the lab informatics industry and new companies coming with new innovative proposals. A real showcase room with quality networking opportunities to gather deeper information with your peers, colleagues, presenters and providers. Everything you always wanted to know about Scientific Digital Data Management The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes. Once again, we are setting the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of 21st-century technologies in your laboratory. We work on an agile combination of future horizon views, already running in some industries, and tangible real cases on how to solve today’s concerns. Registration is free for visitors!

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