What is Manganese Borate?

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7 February 2024
Manganese Borate
Manganese Borate | Photo: Alfa Chemistry

Manganese borate is a compound. It is an inorganic compound composed of the elements manganese (Mn), boron (B) and oxygen (O).

What are the Properties of Manganese Borate?

Manganese borate is a colorless crystalline solid that is stable at room temperature. Its solubility is relatively low, soluble in dilute acid, slightly soluble in water and sodium hydroxide, slightly soluble in oil, and insoluble in alcohol.

Manganese borate has good thermal stability and weak hygroscopicity. It will be decomposed if exposed to water for a long time. After absorbing moisture, the oxidation in the air accelerates, which has a drying effect on vegetable oil.

What are the Uses of Manganese Borate?

Manganese borate has certain application values in the chemical industry. It is often used as a raw material for catalysts, additives and electronic materials.

Manganese borate can also be used to prepare other manganese compounds, such as manganese borate esters and manganese borate acid. It can also be used as a desiccant for paints and cooked oils. It is a raw material for manufacturing inks and paint driers. It can also be used in the glass and ceramic industries.

What are the Preparation Methods of Manganese Borate?

Manganese borate can be produced by reacting manganese salts with boric acid. A common preparation method is to dissolve manganese salt and boric acid in an aqueous solution at an appropriate stoichiometric ratio, and then obtain manganese borate crystals by crystallization or evaporation of the solvent.

Dissolve industrial borax with water. If the solution is not clear, filter it to remove insoluble impurities. Add the clear liquid to the reaction kettle and dilute it with water. Then add water to dissolve industrial manganese sulfate, add the clear liquid into the reaction kettle that has been put into the borax solution, and stir thoroughly at the same time, a white manganese borate precipitate will form.

After the addition is completed, continue stirring the reaction for 1.5 hours. At this time, the pH value of the solution is approximately 8. After the reaction is completed, press filtration is performed, and the filter cake is washed with a mixture of methanol and boric acid aqueous solution, then dried at 70 to 80 °C and pulverized to obtain a manganese borate product. The chemical reaction equation is:


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