Wax Esters for Use in Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry

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Earlier this month, Alfa Chemistry announced the offering of was esters, a type of lipids for potential uses in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Alfa Chemistry is a recognized supplier of various fatty acids and lipids, including fatty acids and esters, glycerides, sphingolipids, sterols, fatty alcohols, fatty amines, soaps of fatty acids, fatty acetates, and alkyl methane sulfonates for customers around the world.

Wax esters are major constituents of the surface lipids. They are found in microorganism, animal, and plant tissues and play an important role in waterproofing and also serve as energy reserves in marine organisms. Most of the wax esters in their natural form contain small amounts of sterols, sterol esters, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and resinous matters.

“Traditionally, waxes are extracted from plants and animals but too expensive or scarce to be commercialized. Therefore, researchers resort to industrial synthesis to produce waxes in a larger volume,” says one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry.

All the wax esters provided by Alfa Chemistry are fast-delivered and are purposed to support many research projects in multiple fields, whether saturated or unsaturated. Consisting of a fatty acid esterified to a fatty alcohol, wax ester serves a variety of biological functions. Overall, wax esters are widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Wax esters has numerous functions in cosmetics. In creams, they are used as emollients, and in lipsticks, wax esters yield gloss in addition to binding and wetting the pigments.

Carnauba wax can be used in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet-coating agent.

Owing to their favorable properties, wax esters can be used in lubricant, leather production additive, textile additive to make textiles softer.

Below are some of the best-selling wax esters at Alfa Chemistry:

Linoleyl arachidate (cas 1211905-55-3), palmityl linolenate (cas 1272984-91-4), behenyl oleate (cas 127566-70-5), lauryl laurate (cas 13945-76-1), palmityl arachidonate (171262-16-1), myristyl stearate(cas 17661-50-6), behenyl behenate (cas 17671-27-1), stearyl oleate (cas 17673-49-3), oleyl stearate (cas 17673-50-6), stearyl linoleate (cas 17673-53-9), linoleyl oleate (cas 17673-58-4), oleyl linoleate (cas 17673-59-5), stearyl linolenate (cas 17673-60-8), linoleyl linoleate (cas 17673-62-0), heptadecanoyl stearate (cas 18299-82-6), oleyl laurate (cas 19149-85-0), stearyl myristoleate (cas 2016777-50-5), palmityl laurate (cas 20834-06-4), and many more.

Please visit https://lipids.alfa-chemistry.com/products/wax-esters-350.html to learn more or just email us for suggestions in case of any questions.

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