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Various techniques are currently utilized to assess the antiviral activity of compounds. Some popular procedures include plaque reduction, dye uptake, nucleic acid hybridization, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. While the Virus Yield Reduction Assay is less common, which incubates a virus-infected culture with antiviral compounds for a period of time, allows the virus to replicate, and then titrates new native viruses with separate monolayer cultures.

Although the Virus Yield Reduction Assay allows quantitative measurement of infectious virus particle production in drug-treated cultures, the labor-intensive nature of this assay has so far prevented its widespread use as a routine technique. Creative Diagnostics now offers comprehensive services for Virus Yield Reduction Assay, and utilizes microtitration technology to streamline the testing process, significantly reducing the required operations.

Advantages of the Yield Reduction Assay:

1. The multiplicity of infection (MOI) of the virus is high enough to infect approximately 100% of the cells.
2. The effect of attenuation of antiviral activity during intracellular replication of the virus is minimized.
3. High accuracy by titrating progeny viruses in cell types that allow viral plaques.


1. Allows for high throughput processes.
2. Evaluate the inhibition of viral replication more reliably.
3. Enable more profound drug effects to be measured by using higher MOI and quantification of the primary virus, determining a larger range of antiviral activity (1-106 PFU/ml).
4. These assays are performed in three main steps, i.e., infection of cells in the presence of different concentrations of the test substance; collection of cells or cell culture supernatants at the end of the viral replication cycle; and determination of viral titers by plaque analysis, TCID50 or quantitative real-time PCR.

As an expert in the antiviral field, Creative Diagnostics offers a wide range of antiviral services to evaluate the inhibitory activity of candidate inhibitors. The company also provides a variety of tailored antiviral assays to reveal the action mechanism of new antiviral drugs. Creative Diagnostics has been developing and optimizing new antiviral assays for viruses, such as Dengue virus, Herpes simplex virus, Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV), Human influenza A virus, and Sindbis virus (SINV). Meanwhile, all antiviral studies can be performed in cytotoxicity assays in transformed or primary cells.

If you have questions regarding the Virus Yield Reduction Assay Service or other in vitro antiviral testing, please visit the Creative Diagnostics website.

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