Standard production – completely automated and completely monitored

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2 March 2023
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The production of working and calibration standards is a time-consuming and precise activity that demands a lot from the analyst. It often takes days to produce a working standard. The requirements for the documentation of the working steps and the data management of the substances are high. The Chronect Workstation MultiMix enables the fully automated production of standards and mixes, and uses software developed for these needs.

At the heart of the system is a substance catalog management system that ensures the integrity of the data through clear and complete documentation. A password-secured SQL database supports the user with the administration and maintenance of all important data. Each substance is assigned a reference. This consists of information such as CAS name, supplier, price, opening date, expiration date or weight.

In combination with suitable hardware modules such as refrigerated drawers, bar code readers, vortex mixers and pipette tools, standards can be produced completely automatically in any laboratory. Even for pesticide analysis, the criteria according to SANTE 12682/2019 are fulfilled without exception with the Chronect Workstation MultiMix.

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