Locate lab samples without line of sight

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Track and trace multiple samples throughout your lab with RFID

The new Brady’s UHF B-7425 RFID Label for laboratory sample containers combines the strengths and reliability of Brady labels with the benefits of RFID-technology. Made out of very chemical resistant polypropylene and equipped with a permanent acrylic adhesive, the label can withstand challenging laboratory conditions to keep samples identified.

The RFID label is designed for used on well plate, petri and cell culture dish in the laboratory environment. Polyester tag face material, with chip bonded to aluminium antenna using anisotropic conductive film adhesive, suitable for thermal transfer printing, including RFID encoding. Labels are outside wound and 100% inspected, 500 good RFID labels per roll with bad tags marked.

The label’s 65 mm x 6 mm size seamlessly fits medical well plates, Petri dishes and cell culture dishes and it is offered on an open 76 mm core. Inside the label, a UHF RFID-inlay with an EPC of 128 bits to store up to 16 characters, can identify any specimen within 0.5 m when activated by a handheld reader, such as the Brady HH85, or within 1 m per fixed reader, such as the Brady FR22.

FINAT Highly Commended Certificate winner

Brady’s UHF B-7425 RFID Label for laboratory sample containers won a Highly Commended Certificate in the 42nd International Labelling Competition, organised by FINAT. We feel especially honoured by the attention from the jury for excellent quality and label manufacturing expertise!

“Brady’s B-7425 RFID Label can be used on a number of different size and shape containers. It offers four layers of security, including RFID, QR-code, EAN code and sequential numbering. The die cutting of the label and the insertion of the RFID on the reverse is neat and does not appear obvious. A well-deserved Highly Commended result.” -Tony White, Chairing Judge, FINAT International Labelling Competition.

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