Physical Metallography and Microscopic Analysis Service

Last modified: 26 July 2022

Scientists in the research field of metal analysis now have access to Matexcel’s Physical Metallography and Microscopic Analysis service which is recently newly released.

Metallographic analysis is one of the main methods to study the internal structure and defects of metals and their alloys, and it plays an important role in the field of metal material research. The method of studying the microstructure of metals and alloys by using metallographic microscope to magnify 100-1500 times on specially prepared samples is called metallographic microscopic analysis, which is the most basic experimental technique for studying the microstructure of metal materials. Microanalysis can study the relationship between the microstructure of metals and alloys and their chemical components; can determine the microstructure of various alloy materials after different processing and heat treatment; can identify the quality of metal materials, such as the number and distribution of various non-metal inclusion-oxides, sulfides, etc. in the structure and the size of metal grain size.

As a supplier of high-quality third-party inspection and analysis, Matexcel’s inspection items mainly include:

Inclusions, grain size, metallographic structure, coating thickness, microhardness, macroscopic low magnification, sulfur mark inspection of metal materials;
Microscopic observation of surface morphology;
Microscopic area organization analysis (magnification 5-1 million times);
Phase structure and texture analysis;
Analysis of fracture morphology;
Micro area analysis;
Measurement of the thickness of the surface metal coating;
Microhardness test;
Qualitative analysis and semi-quantitative analysis of elements in the micro area;
Defect analysis of metal materials and products and failure analysis of metal parts;

“Our integrated services are specifically designed to meet the diversified needs of our customers and help meet the quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, and other requirements of their products, components and raw materials.” Said Johnson, one of the representative speakers from Matexcel.

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