DDW Die Deutsche Wirtschaft has identified FRITSCH as one of the 3,000 German companies in trend and growth markets. FRITSCH laboratory instruments for milling, sizing, sieving and dividing are worldwide standard and synonymous with efficient, reliable work in industry and research. The innovative ideas of the internal development department are inspired by the close exchange with customers and their practical work in the laboratory. This high level of innovation is one of the reasons for the award now received. DDW Die Deutsche Wirtschaft identified 3,000 German companies active in promising future fields from all company and sales sizes and weighted them according to importance. The evaluation took into account 28 different criteria. These included turnover, number of employees and more specific factors such as the number of patents and certifications and the training offered. With over 253 scoring points, FRITSCH was awarded the title “Excellence Made in Germany” in trend and growth markets in the Industry segment.

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