What is a smart measurement probe and what makes it special?

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Smart devices, smart cars, smart buildings, and smart factories are becoming increasingly common. But what does “smart” really mean? While each smart object may have its own unique features, they share some basic characteristics.

As the name indicates, smart objects typically have some sort of intelligence in the core design. They are usually connected to other devices or networks and can operate interactively and autonomously. Remote external access for service, operation, or analytics is also common. Sometimes the term “smart” can also refer to devices that have artificial intelligence built in.

What is a smart measurement probe?
Environmental measurement devices are also becoming smart. Unlike in the past when measurement probes could not be used on their own, the new wave of smart measurement probes can operate independently without additional transmitters.

When the measurement intelligence is built into the probe, it may be able to operate independently and transmit data to automation systems.

Smart probes that offer a sensor-purge functionality can maintain accuracy in applications where there is a risk of chemical contamination.

How do smart probes make your operations easier?
Smart probes can provide many benefits for users. A smart probe that connects to the overall system architecture may be enough in many applications, depending on the specific needs. For example, Vaisala’s Indigo-compatible smart probes can be used as standalone Modbus RTU devices. Sometimes there is only limited space available in the application and no need for a local display that shows the readings. Here the smart probe is ideal because it needs less space and is more cost efficient.

Another major benefit of smart probes is easy access to probe settings and calibration, even if the probes have no display. Vaisala’s smart probes can be connected directly to a PC using a USB cable. The user can easily configure the probe settings, carry out calibration, and access data visualization with Vaisala’s Insight PC software.

If factory calibration is needed, smart probes are easy to detach from the process, without having to remove the whole transmitter. Compact probes are particularly easy to send for calibration.

The Vaisala Indigo family of smart probes
The Vaisala Indigo family takes industrial measurement to the next level. Interchangeable smart probes, transmitters, and Insight software create a strong chain of data to ensure energy-efficiency, safety, and end-product quality in your operations. ​

Indigo family smart probes offer a flexible solution to measure humidity, dew point, temperature, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide (CO2), or hydrogen peroxide vapor (H2O2).

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