Tosoh Bioscience LLC, a leading supplier of separation and purification products and technologies to the life sciences industry, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Semba Biosciences, a privately held Wisconsin company. Semba Biosciences is a leading innovator in the field of multi-column chromatography (MCC) instrumentation and technology for downstream purification of biologics. Ali Soleymannezhad, VP of global marketing and business development of Tosoh Bioscience LLC said, “We are thrilled to welcome the Semba Biosciences team to the Tosoh family. For long we have admired Semba’s technology and innovation, pioneering the Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology in the bio purification processes. Since our first equity investment back in 2018, the company has successfully hit every product development milestone set by Tosoh Bioscience and will soon be ready to launch the Octave BIO System, a state-of-the-art benchtop MCC unit for bioprocess development, and ProGMP, the most efficient MCC skid designed for larger-scale biological manufacturing. This marks a new era for Tosoh Bioscience and confirms our commitment to provide our customers with the latest solutions and technologies.” “We are extremely pleased and excited to become part of the Tosoh Bioscience worldwide organization,” said Robert Mierendorf, Ph.D., president, and CEO of Semba Biosciences. “By combining Semba Biosciences’ advanced Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology with Tosoh Bioscience’s best-in-class resins, we will be able to offer unparalleled efficiency and productivity in downstream processes and significantly decrease the cost of manufacturing.” Tosoh Bioscience LLC is planning on expanding the current Semba team in Madison, WI, creating a global center of excellence for continuous chromatography. TOSOH BIOSCIENCE LLC/GmbH Tosoh Bioscience LLC/GmbH provides liquid chromatography products to laboratories and manufacturing plants in the Americas. While the majority of our customers work in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, our U/HPLC columns and systems are essential tools for sample analysis in most industries. The LenS3 Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector offers a revolutionary approach for the measurement of molecular weight (MW) and radius of gyration (Rg) of synthetic polymers, polysaccharides, proteins, and biopolymers. Our all-in-one dedicated GPC system, the EcoSEC GPC System, is predominantly used in the chemical and polymer industries while our EcoSEC High-Temperature GPC System is ideal for the polyolefin and oil industries. In the field of biotechnology, our preparative chromatography resins play a critical role in the purification of proteins and nucleic acids for medical purposes. The company is a subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation in Japan, the parent of the Tosoh Group, which comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of over 12,000 people and generated net sales of ¥732.9 billion (US $6.9 billion at the average rate of ¥106.1 to the US dollar) in fiscal 2021, ended March 31, 2021. Tosoh’s Bioscience Division comprises products and solutions of both separation and purification and of clinical diagnostics serving customers worldwide.