CD ComputaBio announced the launch of Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA), which enables the analysis, integration, and understanding of data from gene expression, miRNA, and SNP microarrays, as well as metabolomics, proteomics, and RNAseq experiments. With IPA, you can search for information about genes, proteins, chemicals, and drugs, and build interactive models for your experimental systems. IPA's powerful data analysis and search capabilities can help you better understand your data, specific targets, or candidate biomarkers in larger biological and chemical systems. Its application scope includes target discovery and verification, metabolomics research, lead compound verification and mechanism of action research, toxicity and safety assessment, biological network simulation and analysis, biomarker research, etc. “CD ComputaBio introduces powerful IPA analysis software, which is mainly used for regulatory network analysis, diagnostic marker discovery and drug screening, and provides direction and guidance for the mechanism research of disease occurrence, development and development mechanisms and other physiological processes. Our IPA analysis has proven useful for understanding the biochemical basis of physiological events at different stages of drug development, even in different fields such as materials science,” said the senior scientist of CD ComputaBio. Why use Ingenuity Pathway Analysis? (1) IPA is one of the best functional analysis and knowledge discovery tools. (2) Up-to-date high-quality knowledge base manually curated by PhD scientists. (3) Search for targeted information on genes, proteins, chemicals, and drugs. (4) An extensive library of well-characterized signaling and metabolic pathways offers a starting point for exploration and a bridge between novel discovery and well-known biology. Layer in novel insights, drugs, and omics data. (5) A large knowledge database on model organisms such as humans, mice, and rats. Additional species are supported via ortholog mapping. (6) It's easy and flexible to collaborate and share results. “The IPA Analysis provided by CD ComputaBio is an all-in-one, web-based software application backed by the Ingenuity Knowledge Base of highly structured, detail-rich biological and chemical findings. We can provide a fast turnaround, clear and concise written reports, and custom service to help customers resolve their technical challenges,” he further added. About CD ComputaBio With years of experience, CD ComputaBio can provide customers with professional computational biology services. Utilizing rich experience and powerful technology in computational science, the company can provide customers with many computational biology analysis services such as molecular dynamics simulation, drug design, virtual screening, quantum chemical calculations, etc. Media Contact Company Name: CD ComputaBio Contact Person: Vivian Smith Phone: 1-631-371-4691 Country: United States Website:

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