Solubility Improvement and Bioavailability Enhancement

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Having a leading expert team specialized in pharmaceutical formulation development, CD Formulation recently announces its ability to achieve solubility improvement and bioavailability enhancement based on active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) characteristics and customer development goals. For researchers who are troubled by insoluble or poorly soluble drugs, CD Formulation is now prepared to avail its capability, helping to find the most appropriate approach to assist their drug development projects.

“While our scientific team creates new ways to revitalize failed or discontinued products for our clients, we also help to develop revitalize failed/discontinued products, improve drug safety and effectiveness, improve patient compliance, reduce development time and cost to increase profitability, and most importantly, we help to bring new products to market in a short timeframe as originally planned,” says the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “In today’s world, the earlier the drug is to be marketed, the more share it will gain.”

Fully aware of the uniqueness of every formulation project and also motivated to achieve better research results that comply with clients’ corporate goals, timelines, and budgets, CD Formulation is now capable of tackling difficulties associated with insoluble APIs in the following aspects:

API Physical Modification Services
Several techniques are used to modify the physical features of APIs to improve their solubility, including nano milling, micronization, co-crystals, amorphous solutions, dispersions, etc.

API Chemical Modification Services
The API chemical modification services include pH modification of drug molecules, drug salt formation, drug PEGylation, and different groups of precursor drug design.

Encapsulation Techniques Services
Effective drug delivery systems, such as polymer micelles (PMs), nanoliposomes, and solid lipid nanoparticles are another factor that will greatly contribute to better solubility and bioavailability performance. At CD Formulation, preparation of polymer micellar drug carrier, liposomal encapsulated drug service, preparation of solid lipid nanoparticles, and nanosuspension technology are all made possible and easily accessible.

Cyclodextrin (β-CD) Inclusion Complex Services
CD Formulation’s pharmaceutical experts can help customize cyclodextrins, water-soluble cyclodextrin derivatives and hydrophobic cyclodextrin derivatives according to customer requirements. At the same time, they will guide the composition and inclusion of the drug with cyclodextrin in the client’s drug development project.

Make Phospholipid Complex Services
CD Formulation also provides phospholipid complex services for a wide range of drugs such as hydrophobic drugs, lipid-insoluble drugs, water-insoluble and lipid-insoluble drugs as well as biomacromolecules to improve their solubility.

Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery System Services
The self-emulsifying drug delivery system service provided by CD Formulation can help evaluate the bioavailability of drugs and suggest suitable product solutions.

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