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Planetary Mills premium lines
Planetary Mills premium lines | Photo: Fritsch GmbH - Mahlen und Messen

Efficient and safe grinding with Fritsch Planetary Mills Pulverisette 5 and 7. Achieve <100 nm fineness in 3 minutes. User-friendly and automatic bowl clamping for secure operation.

Automatic grinding bowl clamping

Insert the grinding bowl, start, finished! With automatic grinding bowl clamping, imbalance control and comminution down to the nano range – grinding has never been as safe.

Efficient sample preparation

Planetary Ball Mills are the first choice for fast, loss-free fine grinding for efficient sample preparation for analysis of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle and moist samples.

The Fritsch’s premium line Planetary Mills Pulverisette 5 and 7 can grind, alloy, mix and homogenize reliably at bowl speeds of up to 2200 rpm in a very short time down to a final fineness of < 100 nm. Sample quantities of 1 to 60 ml (Pulverisette 7) or 15 to 450 ml (Pulverisette 5) can be processed simultaneously at the two grinding stations.

The Top 3 Advantages of the Planetary Mills premium line

  • Faster: final fineness down to <100 nm in 3 minutes due to high bowl speed of up to 2200 rpm
  • Safer: automatic grinding bowl clamping – user-independent, reproducible and safe
  • User-friendly: easy grinding bowl insertion and blockage of the start if operating state is impermissible

For both wet and dry grinding, the process is easy to start due to the guided positioning of the grinding bowl and the automatic bowl detection for the correct speed.

Due to the automatic grinding bowl clamping, you grind with the reassuring feeling that the grinding bowl is always correctly mounted and clamped, without the need for any cumbersome screwing. Grinding has never been as safe.

The optional EASY GTM system lets you continuously monitor gas pressure and temperature directly the in the grinding bowl during the grinding process. Your advantage: easy and safe monitoring and analysis of thermal effects, physical and chemical reactions or increases/decreases in pressure.

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