Seed Vigor Testing Service for Plant Breeding

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Lifeasible, a plant biotechnology company that offers efficient and reliable seed testing services with expanding capacities, now provides seed vigor testing service to meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

Seed vigor is the sum of all essential properties that determine the potential for rapid, uniform germination as well as the ability to develop into normal seedlings under a wide range of growth conditions. The goal of seed vigor testing is to evaluate the seed’s performance under adverse conditions. It is regarded as the most reliable method for accurately predicting potential field performance.

With extensive experience and expertise in modern agriculture, Lifeasible is proud to provide cutting-edge technologies, advanced laboratory facilities, and high-capacity field stations to its customers worldwide. Seed vigor testing services at Lifeasible mainly include: Accelerated aging test, Controlled deterioration test, Conductivity test, Cold test, Saturated cold test, Tetrazolium (TZ) vigor test, Cool germination test, Growth test, Hiltner test (Brick grit test), Paper piercing test, and Osmotic stress test.

Lifeasible’s seed laboratory is dedicated to providing high-quality seed vigor testing services. Because of it specialized experts, fully-fledged technologies, and large capacity laboratories, the company can perform high-throughput sample testing with superior efficiency and reliability.

In addition, Lifeasible offers seed testing of moisture content, germination, tetrazolium, vigor, and health. One-stop service for seeding testing covering all steps including sampling, testing, surveys, verification, and monitoring is available at Lifeasible. A wide range of crops (agriculture crops, grasses, native species, forbs, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and shrubs) are covered by the seed testing service by Lifeasible through high-quality standards.

“Whatever challenges you may face during plant science research, we are always ready to provide unique solutions to meet your needs.” Said Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

To know more detailed information about the seed vigor testing service supplied by Lifeasible, please visit our website.

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