Polymer Microsphere Preparation – A Helping Hand for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

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Polymeric Microspheres Preparation
Polymeric Microspheres Preparation | Photo: CD Formulation

CD Formulation, a leading provider of custom pharmaceutical formulation and development services, recently announced the release of its polymer microsphere preparation service. As the demand for targeted and controlled drug delivery systems continues to grow, this cutting-edge service is expected to provide a boost to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries by offering an innovative and efficient approach to drug delivery systems.

Polymer microspheres

Polymer microspheres are tiny spherical particles made of biocompatible polymers. These microspheres are used as drug carriers because of their unique properties such as controlled release, ease of manufacture and enhanced stability.

“Our experienced team of experts is well prepared to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop and manufacture high-precision, high-performance, value-added microspheres and micrones, including slow-release and polymeric microspheres. We believe these customized drug delivery systems can help meet specific needs for their therapeutic compounds and also have promises to streamline the formulation and development processes,” said CD Formulation’s Marketing Director.

Polymer microsphere preparation service

The polymer microsphere preparation service offered by CD Formulation ranges from design and preparation of microspheres (including size control, acquisition and output) to on-line inspection and continuous production. In particular, CD Formulation’s scientific team is particularly good at modifying microsphere surface functionalization, ligand and substrate coupling processes.

Quality control standards

Fully aware of the crucial importance of uniformity and reproducibility in drug delivery systems, CD Formulation produces various custom polymer microspheres that are stable, safe, reliable and easy to use, while ensuring that each batch of microspheres meets strict quality control standards. As a result, the company has received positive feedback from several laboratories, research institutions and corporate customers over the past few years.

Wide selection of biocompatible polymers

Notably, one key advantage of CD Formulation’s polymer microsphere preparation service is its versatility. It offers a wide selection of biocompatible polymers to choose from, allowing companies to tailor the microspheres’ properties to meet specific requirements. By selecting the appropriate polymer, drug release kinetics can be optimized, resulting in improved therapeutic efficacy and reduced side effects.

“Obviously, polymer microspheres have shown immense potential in the field of drug delivery, and more companies will adopt this innovative technology to enhance their drug delivery strategies,” said the Chief Scientific Officer at CD Formulation. “By introducing a comprehensive range of relevant solutions, we aim to empower pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring novel therapies to market faster and more effectively.”

Please visit the website to learn more about CD Formulation’s polymer microsphere preparation capabilities.

About CD Formulation

It is always CD Formulation’s goal to help drive advancements in pharmaceutical development and delivery. To this end, CD Formulation has worked diligently to develop customized drug delivery solutions, ensuring that they meet individual needs and comply with regulatory requirements. Staffed with a team of formulation scientists, engineers and regulatory specialists, the company continuously strives to push boundaries and provide innovative solutions to its clients. It has now positioned itself as a major player in the industry. In addition to a range of microsphere and microneedle options, CD Formulation’s expertise also covers microsphere mass production, analytical testing, formulation development, stability testing, in vitro cytotoxicity testing, and in vitro cytotoxicity testing.

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