Pharmaceutical Analysis Brings More Confidence to Drug Development and GMP Manufacturing

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Equipped with a cGMP-compliant laboratory and state-of-the-art analytical instruments, CD Formulation’s seasoned research team is well-prepared to handle the most complicated drug analytical issues as a contract service organization. The samples to be tested and analyzed could be in the form of solids, semi-solids, liquids, or gases.

In brief, pharmaceutical analysis involves a series of processes, including identification, determination, quantitation, and purification. Throughout this process, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis are the two most frequently used analytical methods.

“In the beginning, people may view pharmaceutical analysis as analytical chemistry dealing with drug substances and pharmaceutical products, but in fact, analytical chemists are involved in many more studies, including the analysis of the chiral purity and quality of pharmaceutical formulations, drug quality control as well as pharmacokinetic studies,” the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation revealed.

More specifically, CD Formulation is capable of conducting the following pharmaceutical analysis services.

Analysis and Testing Services
Taking advantage of its extensive technical expertise in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, chemistry, and microbiology, CD Formulation can provide comprehensive, innovative, and timely solutions to help customers quickly complete their drug analysis testing requirements. The range of analytical testing mainly covers physical parameter determination, biological determination, impurity determination, property determination, and stability analysis.

Analytical Methodology Research Services
Analytical methods must be verified first before use to ensure the correctness, scientificity, integrity and feasibility of analytical test results. CD Formulation provides method development and validation services, including method development trial design, process reports, validation methods and validation reports, analytical assays for APIs and drug formulations, for stability content studies or related substances. During this process, a wide range of chromatographic (HPLC, UPLC, GC, IC), spectroscopic (ICP, AAS, AS, AFS) and detection techniques (UV, MS, IR, FID, ECD, etc.) are employed to meet different types of services.

Prescription Screening Process Analysis
Systematic pre-formulation studies will effectively guide the design of clinical formulations of drugs and the development of safe, effective, stable, controlled, and easy-to-use formulations. Owing to its strong hardware and technical capabilities in the field of pre-formulation analysis, CD Formulation can provide a full range of pre-formulation services, including API Physical & Chemical Characterization, Solid State Characterization of APIs, Dissolution Rate Test, Solubility Analysis, Adhesion Test, Crystallinity Determination, Particle Size Analysis, Powder Flowability Test, Determination of Contact Angle of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Cone Penetration Test, Solid Density Test, Bulk Density and Compaction Density Test, Tablet Hardness Test, Amorphous Content Determination, Hygroscopicity Evaluation, and API-Excipient Compatibility.

Please visit the website to explore more of CD Formulation’s pharmaceutical analysis capabilities.

Known for its robust expertise and profound professionalism, CD Formulation is a well-chosen partner for pharmaceutical companies to solve drug formulation-related challenges. Meanwhile, a full range of excipients, cosmetic ingredients, and food ingredients are now also available at CD Formulation.

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