Matexcel, a leading service provider in material science, now provides up-to-date toys and baby products testing services to help ensure children’s physical and mental health. Consumer concerns about the safety and quality of the products they purchase continue to grow, especially when it comes to children's and infant products. If these products do not comply with safety standards and regulatory requirements, the impact of these products can pose a dangerous threat to young infants and children. Children and infant product manufacturers and retailers must comply with strict regulations for markets where they wish to sell products and demonstrate the safety and quality of their products to meet consumer expectations. At Matexcel, the toys and baby product testing specialists are up-to-date with the changing global regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure that products are compliant and competitive. Toy and baby products testing service at Matexcel mainly includes: Child Care Products Testing Testing items include the following: baby pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, nipple clamps, children's drinking equipment, cutlery and feeding utensils. Toys Testing The content of the detection category Matexcel provides including: Plush and cloth toys, Chemical toys, Children's bicycle, Wooden toys, Plastic toys, Electric and electronic toys, Children's products, Ceramic toys, Clockwork toy, Oil painting stick, watercolor pen, plasticine, Paper (board) toys, Dolls and their clothing, intellectual toys, intellectual musical instruments. Children's Clothing Testing Stationery Testing As a special group of people who do not have or are not fully capable of protecting themselves, children have special requirements for the design and production of daily necessities. In the design and production of children’s products, in addition to the conventional factors that threaten human safety, their behavioral characteristics and psychological characteristics must be considered. “With professional testing team, reliable testing equipment and fast response mechanism, we are here to help with your product testing.” Commented one representative speaker from Matexcel. More detailed information about the toys and baby product testing service provided by Matexcel can be viewed here:

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