<b>Work safer in quieter conditions with the Xtra Line cytotoxics safety cabinet</b> The Kojair cytotoxics safety cabinet Xtra Line is designed for working with hazardous materials (cytostatic and cytotoxic agents). The cabinet has a three-filter system. The third HEPA H14 filter is installed directly below the table top of the cytotoxics safety cabinet. Thanks to Kojair’s clever design, the Xtra Line offers more space for your legs than at any other three-HEPA-filter cabinet on the market. The Kojair Xtra Line is known to have the largest HEPA H14 filter surface on the market. This provides the end-user with the following advantages: - Extends the life time of the down flow HEPA filter - Extends the life time of the exhaust HEPA filter - Provides better filtration - Reduces the sound level - Reduces energy consumption <b>“Superior advantages of the Kojair cytotoxics safety cabinet Xtra Line”</b> The Xtra Line has been part of our range for about 15 years, and generation after generation, we have improved the performance of this cabinet. This guarantees the highest levels of safety and ergonomics, to meet the demands of today – and tomorrow. The Kojair Xtra Line is certified for cytotoxic according to DIN 12980 and for microbiology according to EN 12469. Kojair has even the option to have it integrated within the room itself. The Xtra Line will be mounted on the wall, their will be no connection with the ground. The GMP cover of the cytotoxics safety cabinet makes sure it will be sealed from all sides. <b>Key advantages of the Kojair cytotoxics safety cabinet Xtra Line:</b> – Largest filter surface – 50 years of craftmanship – PCB interface for service information – Installation channels – UV-light with UV timer – Various table tops available

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