IntergrateRNA, a major branch of Creative Biogene, is a leading global provider of high quality products and services provider for RNA discovery, expression analysis, as well as aims at exploring potential treatments for high-impact diseases and promoting the development of the RNA research field. Recently, IntergrateRNA announced its tRNA services in order to support its applications in complex human pathologies and other bioinformatics research. As a global biotechnology company specializing in RNA research, IntergrateRNA provides products and services to various genomic researchers in the market, including various types of RNA discovery, analysis and related bioinformatics services. IntegrateRNA provides a comprehensive range of high-quality tRNA related services. All tRNA synthetase products undergo strict quality control and are independently developed by a team of professional scientists. IntergrateRNA provides custom tRNA Synthetase Service, including but not limited to: synthesis of tRNA synthetase gene service of different species, including humans, mice, rats, rabbits, zebrafish, fruit flies, etc., customized tRNA synthesis recombinant vector which is suitable for cell transfection, protein induction and purification, and qPCR service to analyze the quantitative expression of genes. IntegrateRNA provides many common modified nucleotides in tRNA with fluorescent dyes and biotin/thiol labels, and also provides customized services to help customers gain trouble-free tRNA research experience, and customers can request tRNAs of any length, such as customized specially modified tRNA, customized tRNA contains unnatural amino acids. As for LC-MS tRNA modification analysis service which can play an important role in complex human pathology, IntegrateRNA provides a set of LC-MS tRNA modification analysis services to accurately determine the identity and concentration of tRNA modifications in a sample. IntegrateRNA provides flexible strategies for the discovery and analysis of tRNA modifications. Experienced scientists will perform quality management in accordance with each procedure to ensure fair and accurate results. The general workflow of LC-MS tRNA modification analysis is summarized as follows: sample preparation, total RNA, tRNA Isolation, single nucleosides and analysis. The advantages of tRNA modification analysis include: Full service-from sample preparation to result analysis High-quality results for total RNA samples The best comprehensive analysis—covers 36 nucleoside modifications in tRNA National advanced laboratory, professional team, efficient operation “Our experienced scientists and advanced technology enable us to provide consistent and high-quality data in a cost-effective manner for tRNA servces,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “we also offer customized solutions to determine the feasibility of your project.”

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