Glycerides: Monoglycerides, Diglycerides, Triglycerides

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Ever since the launch of a wide range of glycerides in the first quarter of last year, there are increasing in-coming demands for glycerides from clients across the globe. To improve user experience, Alfa Chemistry announces to upgrade and optimize this product line by further diversifying the supply of different types of glycerides, including monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides.

All these high quality glycerides are fast-delivered and can be used to support many research projects in multiple fields. Customers can choose saturated and unsaturated types based on their research requirements.

Composed of a molecule of glycerol linked to a fatty acid via an ester bond, monoglycerides are found naturally in almost all foods in very small amounts.

Consisting of two fatty acid chains covalently bonded to a glycerol molecule through ester linkages, diglycerides can act as surfactants and are commonly used as emulsifiers in processed foods, and they also can act as a second messenger in biochemical signaling.

A triglyceride is an ester derived from glycerol and three fatty acids. High levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream have been linked to atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke.

Monoglycerides and diglycerides are called partial glycerides. Having been commercially produced for several years, they are only recently exploited for use in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile, fiber, and plastic industries. Relevant authorities such as the European Union, the US FDA, and the European Parliament Council have all approved the use of partial glycerides in food products.

After the optimization work, a rich collection of monoglycerides, diglycerides, and triglycerides are available at Alfa Chemistry to serve different research purposes. Some of them are listed below:

1-myristin-3-butyrin (cas 100732-08-9), monotetracosanoin (cas 100830-53-3), 8(z),11(z),14(z)-monoeicosatrienoin (cas 1024694-68-5), di-11(z)-eicosenoin (cas 102783-82-4), monopentadecanoin (cas 104140-07-0), 1-olein-3-linolein (cas 104346-53-4), monoolein (cas 25496-72-4), diolein (cas 25637-84-7), 11(z)-dioctadecenoin (cas 1053200-22-8), ditetracosanoin (cas 1053200-34-2), 8(z),11(z),14(z)-dieicosatrienoin (cas 1053200-55-7), 1,2-distearin-sn-glycerol (cas 10567-21-2), 1-myristin-2-olein-3-butyrin (cas 1122578-93-1), ditridecanoin (cas 121957-71-9), 2-monolaurin (cas 1678-45-1), glyceryl triheptadecanoate (cas 2438-40-6), and many more.

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