Flawless Monitoring in Laboratories is Vital

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Wireless sensors for optimal temperature control in refrigerators and freezers
Wireless sensors for optimal temperature control in refrigerators and freezers | Photo: Wireless Value
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Temperature sensor of Wireless Value in a refrigerator | Photo: Wireless Value

For effective temperature control in refrigerators and freezers, Wireless Value suggests a crucial tip: choose wireless sensors.

Temperature monitoring is of crucial importance in laboratories

Temperature monitoring is crucial in laboratories, not only for critical processes but also for storing items such as medications, samples, blood and vaccines. However, particularly when monitoring refrigerators and freezers, surprises may arise.

  • Is the refrigerator or freezer still accurate after years of use?
  • Is the temperature indicated by the refrigerator or freezer itself correct?
  • Is manual checking being done?
  • If the door is accidentally left open, how quickly is that noticed?
  • And what are the risks?

Solution: Wireless Sensors

By choosing wireless sensors in combination with a user portal, the above-mentioned concerns become a thing of the past.

The sensors continuously measure the temperature, and this data is immediately visible. In the event of a deviation, the responsible persons are alerted instantly.


In addition to continuous and highly accurate temperature monitoring, flexibility is another reason to opt for wireless sensors. Refrigerators are sometimes moved, and with a wireless sensor, this can be done without the need for cable adjustments, etc.

Portal: Real-time Data and Historical Trends

Wireless Value offers a range of sensors specifically designed for monitoring temperature in refrigerators and freezers. Additionally, Wireless Value, in collaboration with leading laboratories, has developed a user portal that is very user-friendly and provides a quick overview of both real-time data and historical trends.

Reporting for Audit or Inspection

Setting up alarms, creating user groups, adding sensors, connecting or disconnecting them – it’s all done in a snap. Generating reports is just as easy, which is particularly useful during an audit or inspection.

Beyond measuring temperature, Wireless Value offers a wide range of sensors for measuring other values such as relative humidity, CO₂, door positions, pressure differentials, and more.

After reading this article, if you’d like to try out our sensors before making a decision, feel free to contact us and inquire about the possibilities; we’d be happy to tell you more.

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