Flame Retardant Performance Analysis and Innovative Flame Retardant Design

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30 March 2023
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Flame retardants are indispensable in transportation, electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, and building material in order to prevent fires and safeguard people’s lives and property. The New York-based chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry, has recently expanded its business scope into the field of flame retardant materials, offering a wide variety of related products, including: halogen-based flame retardants, phosphorus-based flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants, and more.

“While sparing no effort to keep enriching our product catalog for flame retardants, we realize that innovating and developing flame retardant technologies are also important if we aim to extend the use of these innovative, cost-effective flame retardants and smoke suppressants to the broader industries,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Currently, flame retardant performance analysis and innovative flame retardant design are two major solutions to which Alfa Chemistry’s expertise lies perfectly.

Innovative Flame Retardant Design
Ideally, high-performance flame retardants should possess superior flame retardancy, smoke-suppressing capability, thermal oxidation stability, transparency, and mechanical property. However, restricted by technical limitations, the current design of flame retardant usually satisfies flame retardancy at the expense of other properties. To solve this problem, Alfa Chemistry combined its professional expertise and advanced testing equipment and worked diligently to help clients develop environmentally friendly and sustainable flame retardants. Its innovative flame retardant design services (https://flame-retardant.alfa-chemistry.com/innovative-flame-retardant-design.html) covers: plastic flame retardant formulation design, bio-based flame retardant design, polyphosphazene-based flame retardant design, flame retardant fabric design, etc.

Flame Retardant Performance Analysis
Since the combustion of flame retardant materials is very complicated, no single combustion test method can fully describe the combustion property of a flame retardant material. Considering this, Alfa Chemistry is committed to using a variety of flame retardant testing and analytical strategies to help obtain a full picture of the flame retardant materials for its customers. Alfa Chemistry offers comprehensive and systematic analytical testing methods, including but not limited to: horizontal burning test, vertical burning test, limiting oxygen index test, cone calorimetry test, smoke density test, microcalorimetry test, and glow wire test.

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The use of flame retardants can be dated back thousands of years ago, and they are chemical compounds added to or incorporated into plastic compounds to provide varying degrees of flammability protection. Alfa Chemistry develops, manufactures, and analyzes a full range of flame retardants to meet customers’ flame retardant material needs in different fields. The most commonly used retardants can be categorized as: brominated flame retardants, carbon-based flame retardants, chlorinated flame retardants, minerals flame retardants, phosphorous-containing flame retardants, nitrogen-containing flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants, phosphorous flame retardants, silicon-based flame retardants, and synergists flame retardants.

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