Dendrons for Drug Delivery Research

25 April 2022
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CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of various drug delivery products and services, now introduces a series of dendrons products to support drug delivery research, such as DMPA-G1-Acetylene-NHBOC, DMPA-G1-Azide-NHBoc, and DMPA-G1-Biotin-Carboxyl. They can be used in theranostics, biosensors, optics, adhesives and coatings.

CD Bioparticles has expanded its product offering, and produces new dendrons products to meet the research needs of customers. For example, DMPA-G1-Acetylene-NHBOC (Catalog: CDPFD060) is one of the new addition. DMPA acetylene-NHBOC dendrimers are monodisperse multifunctional scaffolds with 1 alkyne focal point and a precise number of protected amine surface groups. After deprotection, amine surface groups can be used for EDC/DCC coupling or coupling with NHS esters, while the acetylene focal point can be used for click chemistry coupling, such as CuAAC and thiol-alkyne coupling, to yield highly functional materials. Dendritic polymers are biodegradable and have low cytotoxicity, which can be used in theranostics, biosensors, optics, adhesives and coatings.

Another example is DMPA-G1-Biotin-Carboxyl (Catalog: CDPFD038). The carboxyl surface groups can be used for further coupling to amine containing molecules, while the biotin focal point allows conjugation to proteins through biotinylation and binding to streptavidin or avidin. This dendritic polymer can also be applied in theranostics, biosensors, optics, adhesives and coatings.

“We’ve launched dendrons as part of our biodegradable polymers portfolio to our scientific customers for various research applications. And in future we’ll continue to focus on providing more customized solutions for customers in drug delivery research.” said Dr. Robin J. Watts, the scientific officer of R&D department of CD Bioparticles.

CD Bioparticles offers various Biodegradable Polymers to scientists for the study of drug delivery. It has broad coverage of biomaterials with different physical properties, such as Tg, Tm, shear viscosity, Young’s modulus, dielectric constant, to match researchers’ customized biomaterial processing conditions and final product requirements, and it also has comprehensive functionalized biomolecules for researchers’ custom conjugation, modification, and crosslinking applications.

Biodegradable polymers at CD Bioparticles also have many other advantages, such as various solidification of the materials useful for additive manufacturing of precision medicine, precise formulation of the polymer components to control the degradation time useful for different drug delivery and bio-graft applications, efficient conjugation reactions in the ambient condition to prevent the protein denatured, and temperature-responsive solubility of biomaterials in aqueous solutions with controllable transition temperatures, such as different UCST and LCST.

Customers can find desirable biodegradable polymers at CD Bioparticles to solve challenges like tedious chemical synthesis and purifications, limited options for the bio-conjugation between macromolecules and biomolecules, unpredictable or uncontrollable degradation rate of the drug-loading cargo, and uncontrollable drug delivery profile.

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