Creative Enzymes Probiotics Expands Service Offering with the Launch of Lactococcus Strains

23 April 2022
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Creative Enzymes, a professional and experienced supplier of enzymes, has a great reputation in the industry. With the continuous expansion of business areas and scale, the company has set foot in other areas and established a sound probiotic production and supply chain. These days, Creative Enzymes Probiotics is excited to announce the launch of Lactococcus strains. This will further enrich the product portfolio of the company’s probiotic business and will lay the foundation for building an enzyme giant with an integrated business model.

Lactococcus lactis has been used for centuries in the fermentation of food, especially cheese, yoghurt, sauerkraut and the like, thereby rendering it generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other than its important function in food, L. lactis has become the model LAB when it comes to genetic engineering. Lactococci strains are currently being widely used in the biotechnology industry.

“At Creative Enzymes, we’re proud to offer high-quality probiotic strains. And we don’t stop there. Through further scientific investigation and trials, we continue to build data, advance our science and strengthen the commercial power of our strains. As a trusted probiotic supplier, we are obliged to drive the probiotic market to new levels,” commented the senior scientist of Creative Enzymes. “Creative Enzymes is committed to providing high-quality probiotic products for all needs and applications. Our probiotic strains are carefully screened and rigorously tested to ensure their survival in the digestive system. Each strain has a natural tolerance to stomach acid and bile and can successfully enter and pass through the gut. State-of-the-art probiotic fermentation facilities are specially designed to support and protect the development of probiotics throughout the production process, ensuring the quality and purity of all products. ”

In addition to Lactococcus strains, Creative Enzymes’s portfolio of single-strain probiotics includes the following:
1. Bacillus Strains
2. Bifidobacterium Strains
3. Lactobacillus Strains
4. Leuconostoc Strains
5. Saccharomyces Strains
6. Streptococcus Strains

“As the long-term users of Creative Enzymes, you have not only brought innovation to the development of scientific research but also inspired all Creative Enzymes staff to keep moving forward. With the strength of independent research and development, we will continue to innovate, create high-quality research reagents, bring more excellent products to our users, and help with your scientific exploration and discovery,” said the product manager of Creative Enzymes.

About Creative Enzymes Probiotics
Creative Enzymes Probiotics is a remarkable supplier and manufacturer of probiotics. Equipped with an advanced technology platform, Creative Enzymes is able to offer high-quality and professional probiotic products to customers. Its products and services are widely used in the academic and pharmaceutical industries.

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