G42 Healthcare, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company Group 42 (G42), is committed to developing a world-class, sustainable healthcare sector in the UAE and abroad. G42 Healthcare can quickly identify a wide variety of samples with barcoded labels that stay legible after exposure to alcohol and high temperatures, and remain attached after prolonged storage in freezers. *H2*Challenge: Reliable, integrated label printing and sample tracking*/H2* G42 Healthcare looked for an efficient sample tracking solution to help manage thousands of samples in freezer storage. The sample identification solution needed to fit and stay attached to a series of sample container types, including plastic tubes, glass tubes and conical containers. It also needed to stay intact when exposed to alcohol and autoclave temperatures and after long freezer storage. To be able to identify quickly hundreds of samples arriving in the laboratory, integrated, on-demand label printing and sample tracking were also required. *H2*Solution: Integrated, on-demand printing of reliable sample tracking labels*/H2* Brady delivered 10 BradyPrinter i5100 Industrial Label Printer and integrated them with G42 Healthcare’s existing Seagull Scientific label printing software. Brady specialists installed sensor-activated label cutters. The printers can handle high volumes of labels printed in high resolution with specialised inks that can resist exposure to alcohol and moisture. To reliably identify all samples, Brady offered its B-461 sample tracking label. B-461 is a polyester label that performs well in laboratory settings. The label offers resistance to alcohol solutions and chemicals commonly used in laboratories, including ethanol, isopropanol, xylene, dimethylsulfoxide, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide and others. The label is self-adhesive and adheres well to polypropylene sample containers, as well as glass and stainless steel surfaces. B-461 labels also stay intact when stored in freezers up to -70°C, and can resist autoclave temperatures of 121°C at 15 psi. In addition, all B-461 label rolls are automatically recognised by the BradyPrinter i5100 for auto-calibration purposes. This makes the high quality and reliable B-461 labels very easy to use in daily operations. *H2*Results: Reliable and fast sample identification*/H2* With the BradyPrinter i5100 and the high quality B-461 label material, G42 Healthcare now has a great labelling component of a highly reliable sample tracking solution. Barcodes printed on histology samples will stay attached and remain legible, even after exposure to alcohol, high temperatures and low temperatures. Samples are also identified faster thanks to the integration of the BradyPrinter i5100 with G42 Healthcare’s existing laboratory labelling software. The printer’s auto-recognition of the B-461 label material further enhances operational speed.