During the COVID-19 pandemic, MolGen found out that the standard manual decapping of sample tubes and transference of the sample liquids to a deep well plate for DNA extraction were among the most time-consuming activities for lab personnel. The company thought of ways to contribute and help solve this problem. Together with the development team of MolGen and its partners, a unique robotic system was developed to automate this workflow with a high-throughput up to 320 sample tubes per hour. In December 2020, the ‘PurePrep TTR’ was launched. The system has been kneaded out with advanced features such as a swirl in the pipetting head which makes it possible to pipette the sample without having to remove the swab. Further development will also include level sensing of the liquids. Having this innovation work to improve SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics, MolGen is now looking to apply it in other laboratory fields. The company’s vision is that its solutions can help solve existing and emerging problems by offering safer, faster, more reliable and cost-efficient chemistry, flows, technology, systems, and kits. • MolGen is a dynamic and fast-growing company, active in the field of molecular biology and specialized in chemistry and technology used to purify DNA / RNA from various samples. It focuses on the development and implementation of innovative solutions that can save time and manual handling to improve professional laboratory work and diagnostics.