Anionic surfactants are surface actives that ionize negative charges in water. In the production of surfactants, anionic surfactants are most frequently used, making up almost 41% of all consumed surfactants. Commonly found in laundry detergents, handwashes, kitchen cleaners, body washes, anionic surfactants are very effective at removing oily residue. According to compositions and structures, anionic surfactants can fall into three categories, that is, soap surfactants, sulfate surfactant as well as sulfonate surfactants. In addition to applications in household cleaning detergents and personal-care products, anionic surfactants also found many other uses in textiles, paints, polymers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, mining, oil recovery, and the pulp and paper industries, agriculture, cosmetic industry, sewage treatment industry, textile industry and daily chemical industry. Alfa Chemistry offers hundreds of anionic surfactants for choice and below are just some of them: Manganese(II) citrate (CAS 10024-66-5), sodium decanoate (CAS 1002-62-6), potassium dodecanoate (CAS 10124-65-9), copper citrate (CAS 10402-15-0), silver acetylmethionate (CAS 105883-46-3), eriochrome blue SE (CAS 1058-92-0), sodium nonyl sulfate (CAS 1072-15-7), lead stearate (CAS 1072-35-1), isethionic acid (CAS 107-36-8), diallyloxyneohexyl zirconium tridecanoate (CAS 110392-54-6), n-hexadecyl sulfuric acid sodium salt (CAS 1120-01-0), iron trioleate (CAS 1120-45-2), ferric ammonium citrate (CAS 1185-57-5), 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid (CAS 120-18-3), reactive orange 16 (CAS 12225-83-1), zinc bis(4-hydroxybenzenesulphonate) (CAS 127-82-2), barium decanoate (CAS 13098-41-4), diiron tris(glycerophosphate) (CAS 1301-70-8), calcium mandelate (CAS 134-95-2), lithium octanoate (CAS 16577-52-9), etc. Anionic surfactants enjoy a wide range of benefits such as wetting, foaming, surface tension reduction, detergency, dispersancy and excellent rinseability, which makes them a good choice to enhance formulation performance while saving costs for manufacturers. As a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry keeps close eye on the current novel materials that have huge potential. Surfactants are among such materials, which are added to a liquid to reduce its surface tension, thereby increasing its spreading and wetting properties. Through research and innovation, Alfa Chemistry is fully devoted to providing the most affordable, high-quality and reproducible surfactants for researchers and companies interested in studying surfactants or for manufacturers of personal care products and detergents.

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